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September 27, 2015

My son, Jacob is almost 6 years old and receives Medicaid as part of the CAP/MRDD. This program has been a life saver for our family. Jacob’s brain is not developing as it should and although he is at age 5, he acts like age 2. Jacob has been in therapy  since birth. The progress he has made is unbelievable, but slow. Jacob needs consistency and patience to make progress. I am sure many of you have children and know the joy of seeing their first. whether it is the first walk, words, foods ect. Jacob walked by himself at age 5. I still marvel when I see him trying to run to greet me. The process of getting him to the point that he could walk took time, patience and expertise of his physical therapist. She weekly gave us activities to work on to strengthen Jacob’s body so that he would be able to walk one day. When Jacob got very sick and went backwards, she helped us pick up the pieces and move forward once again.

I have so many stories about the work Jacob’s therapists are doing with him and I would love to answer your questions about the importance of this service, but I know your time is short. Weekly therapy has allowed the therapist, with their knowledge to get to know my son so they could develop a plan and adjust it weekly to assist my son in becoming as independent as possible. Isn’t this the goal of every parent? I just happen to have a child who needs the services of an OT, a PT, and a Speech Therapist in order to meet these goals. The therapists work with me and my son to help me teach him. The progress he has made with their knowledge and support has given me hope that one day he will be able to do many of the things that we take for granted, by himself.

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