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Pediatric Boulevard’s Observation Suite

Pediatric Boulevard’s Unique Observation Suite allows caregiver’s the ability to observe their child’s Speech or Occupational Therapy session through a two-way mirror! Pediatric Boulevard is the ONLY CLINIC in the area offering parents the unique ability to view a child’s session without being directly in the room.



Based on HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We want you, our clients, to know that we are taking this Federal law to protect the confidentiality of your health information very seriously! Our Observation suite policy is a reminder about the rules that must adheared to while observing your child’s therapy sessions in the Observation Suite.

The Observation Suite is limited to two (2) caregivers per client to observe a therapy session.

For observation in our suite, we do require acknolwedgement of the following:

1)                  Caregiver’s will only observe THEIR child’s session

2)                  Absolutely NO talking

3)                  Cell phones are NOT permitted

4)                  NO children are allowed

5)                  NO food or drinks allowed

6)                  NO tapping on the mirror or walls

7)                  NO usage of computers or brightly lit devices

8)                  NO pictures can be taken

9)                  I will only watch sessions during my therapist’s SCHEDULED time

10)                Caregiver Signature IS required at the front desk, each session, showing that they agree to these terms and conditions

If you fail to follow any of the rules above then you will NO LONGER be permitted to observe in the Observation Suite. We do not allow warnings because it would continue to disrupt the quality of other children’s therapy sessions. 

Please remember that the Observation Suite is provided as a courtesy to our clients and access to our Observation Suite can be revoked at any time due to non-compliance with Observation Suite Guidelines.

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