Pediatric Boulevard offers your child the best therapeutic care available in the area.  We have a state of art facility designed to make you and your child feel at home.  If your child requires occupational, physical or speech/language therapy, there are licensed therapists available on site to answer your questions and see to your child’s well-being.

Our facility offers:

  • 11 private therapy suites, 4 which feature swings that hang from the ceiling
  • Indoor therapy pool that is heated to a constant 90 degrees
  • 900 square foot therapy gym, also equipped with swings
  • Fenced outdoor play area
  • Large meeting room for community in-service events

We work with all major insurance carriers and are in network.

Our therapists and specialists offer our diverse clientele numerous services including some that are bilingual and in Sign Language.  We have a team of more than 25 therapists and specialists who can treat chronic, mild, and/or acute disorders and injuries.

Some of the common diagnoses the therapists on our team treat are:

developmental delays • cerebral palsy • traumatic brain injuries • muscular dystrophy • chromosome disorders • orthopedic injuries • heart problems • acute trauma • mental health or behavioral problems and other chronic illnesses • hearing impairments • weak oral muscle • autism • swallowing disorders • Asperger’s Syndrome • Downs Syndrome • juvenile rheumatoid arthritis • post-surgical conditions • burns • traumatic amputations • cancer • limb deficiencies • muscle weakness • brachial plexus injuries • muscle or joint pain • severe hand injuries • spina bifida or spinal cord injuries • cognitive (intellectual; thinking) delays • fetal exposure to alcohol or drugs • birth defects such as cleft lip or cleft palate • other birth injuries or birth defects • respiratory problems (breathing disorders) • ADHD/ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity • Disorder/Attention Deficit Disorder) • sensory processing/integrative disorders • pervasive developmental disorders

Contact us today to schedule a free tour or a free therapy screening to see if the therapy services at Pediatric Boulevard are right for you and your child.  

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