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Basic Procedures:

  • All Staff are required to have a temperature check prior upon entry into the clinic.
  • All Staff will be required to wear masks at all times. Face shields, Goggles, PPE gowns and gloves may be used during session for some sessions.
  • All toys, common areas, equipment will be sanitized using NC Department of Health and Human Services Interim COVID-19 regulations.
    1. Temperature Checks:
      1. On arrival to the clinic, please remain in your vehicle.
      2. Personnel will be in the parking lot upon your arrival for temperature checks and medical question screenings for ALL individuals in your vehicle.
      3. If you do not see personnel outside our office, please call our main line at 704-821-0568 to alert them that you have arrived for your session.
      4. MASKS are required to be worn for ALL individuals in a car over the age of 2 during temperature checks. Please call our main line if you do not have masks and ones will be provided to you prior to temperature checks.
      5. If anyone in the vehicle has a temperature of 100 or more, presents with a fever, sickness or have been exposed to COVID-19, your child will not be able to be seen for their therapy session.
      6. Once temperatures are checked, our personnel will alert your therapist that you are ready for your therapy session.
      7. Your therapist will pick up and drop off your child at your vehicle for their session.
      8. PLEASE remain in your vehicle. All copayments should be made online prior to your child’s therapy session at For the safety of our staff, we will not be accepting cash or check for payment of therapy services through this time. If you have a question about your bill or co-payment, please contact our billing specialist directly at (704) 821-0568.
    2. Masks:
      1. All clients will be asked to wear masks or face coverings at all times within the facility. Please advise your child in advance or consider alternative facial coverings for their sessions. (Text scripts will be provided.)
      2. If you do not own a mask, a mask will be provided to your child prior to entering the building.
      3. If your child is unable to tolerate a mask/facial covering for their treatment session, alternative solutions such as outdoor sessions and/or isolated treatment areas will be utilized. Masks will be required during transfers inside/outside the facility and for any transfers to/from rooms within the clinic.
    3. Therapy session protocols:
      1. All clients entering the building will be required to wash their hands prior to the initiation of their therapy session.
      2. For your health, the following protocols will be utilized by staff:
        1. All staff will be wearing masks. Some may choose to wear face shields in conjunction with the mask.
        2. Gloves should be utilized for all feeding and direct contact with patients as needed.
        3. Therapists will wear protective gowns when providing treatment to clients requiring more physical contact.
        4. All toys & Therapy equipment will be sanitized between each session
        5. Limited staff will be allowed in the building each day to meet safe social distancing and CDC regulations.
        6. Temperature checks will be performed daily for all staff members entering the building.
        7. Handwashing will be frequent throughout your child’s therapy session as needed.
        8. All doors INSIDE the clinic, with the exception of bathroom doors and private therapy room doors, will be propped open to limit touching of doorknobs in common areas.
      3. ALL clients will be provided with hand sanitizing solution at the conclusion of the session.
        1. If you prefer for your child to wash their hands in addition to hand sanitizing at the close of their session, please alert your therapist as she can adjust therapy time to allow that.
      4. Family observation:
        1. Due to restrictions with social distancing, we are limited to how many people can occupy a space for observations.
        2. We will do our best to accommodate those that would prefer a parent to be present throughout the session. Please let your therapist know IN ADVANCE for their planning.
        3. ALL client’s caregivers that observe will be required to follow the protocol of our staff and clients (masks, handwashing, sanitizing, social distancing etc).
        4. Please note, we will restricting ALL observations to ONE caregiver or family member per client. Siblings and additional caregivers are asked to remain in their car for the duration of your child’s therapy session.
        5. Maximum number of people in our gym areas are limited to 10. This includes family, clients and therapists.
        6. Maximum number of people in our therapy rooms is 3. This includes family, clients and therapists.
        7. Maximum number of people in our observation wing is 2, adhering to social distancing guidelines.
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