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Building and Understanding Social Skills (B.U.S.S.)

At Pediatric Boulevard we believe in providing quality services that facilitate the development of the whole child. Our B.U.S.S. program is based on We Thinkers! Series Social Explorers, a Social Thinking® Curriculum for the Preschool and Early Elementary Years and is led by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and/or Licensed Occupational Therapist.

What can you expect?

During the B.U.S.S. program, your child will begin an exciting adventure in learning more about the social world. Throughout this program, your child will be exposed to storybooks with accompanying curriculum units, music, play-based group activities, and critically thinking social activities to increase their understanding about the social expectations and social mind. They will also learn about their own thinking (and that of others) to help them make better decisions when in the midst of social play and interaction.

Our B.U.S.S. program incorporates specific social concepts with specific vocabulary terms. Weekly, you will receive a letter expressing what concepts were addressed during that week’s class, an explanation of vocabulary used, and how to support your child’s continued social development of those skills at home.

  • Social Problem Solving
  • Peer Play
  • Stories
  • Building Appropriate Interations
  • Critical Thinking
  • Songs
  • Handouts For Weekly “At Home Activities”

6 Fall Sessions – $225
September 12 – October 14
Ages 4-7

Reserve your spot before September 9th! Limited space available.

“The (We Thinkers! Series Social Explorers) curriculum is based on Social Thinking, a treatment methodology developed by Michelle Garcia Winner that teaches the “why” behind our social behavior. Winner created the Social Thinking Vocabulary and concepts as a way to break down, explain, and put into concrete terms the abstract concepts that make up our social world.” -We Thinkers, Volume 1, 2013

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